A relationship becomes more pleasurable when you and your partner share a pleasurable and healthy physical relationship. "No Mood to intimate" cannot be the reason every time you fail to get the satisfied end of the lovemaking session; sometimes your body does not allow it. Yes, we are talking about your genitals. Sometimes your erection does not give a standing ovation when your mind and heart both get cozy with the foreplays done by your partner. Your erection problem may be due to any of the following reasons, but Cenforce is the only one solution to this problem because of any reason.

Reasons erection failure can occur:

  • Stress, workload, anxiety, or depression
  • Excessive alcoholism, use of tobacco
  • Watching regular adult videos
  • Excess habit of masturbating
  • Medical conditions like diabetic or obese
  • Side effect of many strong medications
  • Pelvic injury or low level of testosterone

Cenforce helps in the achievement of the erection for which you are facing problems since last so many times. Cenforce helps you to get your sensual life filled with excitement and make it pleasurable. A male can hold up his erection throughout the intimacy session to make their lovemaking sessions a pleasurable and remarkable one. Cenforce medicine is composed of the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate that is a PDE5 blocker drug.

cenforce 150 mg

PDE5 enzyme brings the depletion of cGMP component and this depletion results in less amount of blood to flow towards the penile section resulting in a soft and loose erection.  

Sildenafil Citrate helps in reducing the loss of cGMP component from the male body as it blocks the activity of the PDE5 enzyme. Due to this the amount of blood flowing towards the penile section increases leading to get the sufficient of pressure to hold the erection for longer and give satisfied sensual act to the male and his partner.

Cenforce tablets comes in the dosing strength of 100 mg

The male should follow the dosing scheme to get the desired effect of the Cenforce medicine. Do take a single tablet of Cenforce 60 minutes prior to your sensual activity. Do make the intake orally with ample of water. The tablet starts showing its action upon erection within 30 minutes of intake and the same stays in the body for about 5 to 6 hours. No change in therapeutic effect is observed when consumed with food or without food.

* Only a single tablet in a single day is effective.

Protective measures to be followed with Cenforce:

  • Alcohol consumption decreases the therapeutic effect of the medicine.
  • Heavy meals decrease the absorption rate of the medicine in the male body.
  • Nitrate drugs bring a fall in the blood pressure if consumed with Cenforce medication.
  • Any allergy towards the generic Sildenafil or other components may result in adverse effects of the drug
  • The consumption of Cenforce when below 18 years could be dangerous.

Unwanted side problems:

Some males complained of some side effects with Cenforce medicine like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurring of vision, painful erection, muscle pain, stomach discomfort, swelling of hands or feet.

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