Every time when you make your mood for intimacy, you lose your erection. Your wife always expects that you will do some pleasurable acts. She just turns on with a single touch of yours. You have tried everything from caressing, kissing, and touching that arouses her but not you. Keeping her ungratified in mid cycle of intimacy annoys her. All of the human beings have bodily desires. Whenever a boy sees porn or vulgar stuff he turns on. On the other hand, girls desire that someone whom they love and like should be intimate with her to solidify their relationship. Your sexual pleasure starts from foreplay and ends up with penetration. Some people think that sexual act is evil, but have you ever thought that we also have come to this earth when our ancestors had a sexual act. In spite of pleasure and having children, sexual intercourse has many benefits such as it boosts the immune system; it burns your calories, reduces prostate cancer risks, eases stress, improves sleep, and boosts up libido. Without intercourse, you will feel unsatisfied in your relationship. You could not increase your progeny. Even animals need sexual contact to raise their off springs. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem these days. Your man may not be able to penetrate due to flaccid penile. Erectile dysfunction will keep you both partners away from each other. If you are continuously facing erectile dysfunction use Cenforce 100mg or 150 mg. Apart from Cenforce, you will be able to have prolonged erection only when you are sexually stimulated. After taking Cenforce your wife will feel great with your performance. You should not give up with your first failure, trust on Cenforce. This drug is widely used by most of the males for erection.        

Cenforce 150 Mg 

Cenforce (Sildenafil) functions by repressing PDE5. With the hindrance of PDE5 activity, there is a hike in the level of cGMP in penile tissue. More cGMP results in effective vasodilation of penile blood vessels and results in fast blood flow to penile vessels causing an erection for intercourse. Sexual stimulation is necessary for erection apart from Cenforce. Dosing schedule: Cenforce 100 mg or 150 mg tablet should be taken with water 50 to 60 minutes before going for physical intimacy. The onset of action of Cenforce is 30 minutes and duration of action is 4 to 6 hours. You should consume single tablet in 24 hours.


Some don'ts to follow with Cenforce: Cut the intake of fatty or greasy food as it delays absorption of food. Prohibit the use of nitrate drugs when you are taking Cenforce as it lowers blood pressure. If you observe painful or prolonged erections with Cenforce, then convey your doctor. Share your medical history with your doctor if you have a liver disorder, blood pressure problem, stomach ulcer, migraine, bleeding disorder, retinitis pigmentosa, and heart attack. Cenforce may impair your vision so be careful while doing tasks that require proper vision. Contraindicate the use of another ED drug when you are already using Cenforce.


Some ill effects with Cenforce: You may observe side effects with Cenforce such as pain during erection, nausea, sweating, irregular heart attack, flushing, dizziness, shortness of breath, lightheaded feeling, and swelling of hands or feet.