Everyone wants to gaze beautiful and attractive, particularly women. Women spent more than an hour to make her gorgeous. Women eyes play a significant role to attract someone's attention towards her.

Beautiful eyes give you the self-confidence to face people confidently. Dazzling eyes can place you in someone's heart. However, boring and sick eyes may let you down in front of someone.

Many factors are concerned in making the eye boring and sick. They are:

  • Eye disorders
  • Lack of sleep
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Liver impairment
  • Poor diet

Your eyelashes play a major role in making your eyes sparkling and attractive. If you have long and thick eyelashes, it gives you a puffy look. That is why; you pass on a stunning and plentiful look without giving much effort to your eyes. However, short and light eyelashes make your eyes unappealing.

Careprost eye drops enclose of Bimatoprost as main active moiety for the management of Hypotrichosis.

is an eye disorder in which the derisory or no hair growth occurs in the eyes. It simply says that light or no eyelashes on your eyes.

One more factor of making you boring and ill is eye disorder like glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye disease typify due to the increased intraocular pressure inside the eyes, which can injure the nerves of eyes, i.e. optic nerve. This disorder makes you absolute blindness.

Careprost eye drops enclose of Bimatoprost as main active moiety for the management of Hypotrichosis. Bimatoprost comes under the group of Prostaglandin, which exert its action by working on hair growth cycle of eyes. It increases the anagen phase of hair growth cycle and decreases the telogen phase of hair growth cycle of eyes.

For Glaucoma: It works by binding to the receptor where the natural prostaglandins bind and amplify the working of prostaglandin. It improves the level of aqueous humor and boosts the outflow of it from the eyes. Due to the outflow, intraocular pressure diminishes simultaneously without causing damage to the optic nerve.

It is accessible in the dose concentration of 0.03% of Bimatoprost in the form of ophthalmic preparation. The suggested dose for the management of glaucoma and intraocular glaucoma is one drop that should be installed one time in a day. The suggested dose for the treatment of Hypotrichosis is to apply the drug with the help of brush in the form of the thin liner at the margin of upper eyelid one time in a day. It gives the best result if it is used after the evening time.

You may notice some facet effects like as of Hypersensitivity towards light, headache, redness, watery eyes and swelling of the eyes, conjunctivitis, and faintness.

Prohibit the use of Careprost if you are allergic to Bimatoprost present in the medicament. Remove the contact lenses before applying the medication. Prevent the contact of medication with any other part of the skin to prevent unwanted hair growth on the skin. Do not use any makeup until you are staying on treatment with eye drops.  The pregnant or breastfeeding mother should have to avoid the application of Careprost eye drops.

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