Prominent eyelashes are often remarked as the most considerable sign of beauty that is associated with the enhanced level of attractiveness, well-being, and confidence. Every beauty article defines eye as the windows to our souls, but what is the use of those windows, which are not furnished. Yes! If eyes are your windows then these must be endowed with beautifully covered eyelashes. Lashes are like curtains to your eyes, which not only make your eyes stunning but also help to protect them from entering any foreign materials.

Women have long struggled for long, dark, and thick eyelashes with so many means whether it is makeup or artificial ways of false lashes. These numerous of options are open in the market to boost your eyelashes but these all are the artificial and temporary means. What if you get a solution for lasting growth, with natural ways? This is the one thing for which, you should be wishing. Thus, one such remarkable remedy that helps to make your insufficient short eyelashes to be denser, longer, and thicker is accessible by the name of Careprost eye drop.

Careprost is one remedy that is widely used now for eyelashes.  

Careprost is one remedy that is widely used now for eyelashes. Earlier it was only for treating the condition of glaucoma, but later with its fruitful results on lashes, FDA has approved it for making your lashes to be eye-catching. Bimatoprost is the working element in Careprost brand, which is a prostaglandin analog for lengthening the anagen phase and reducing the telogen phase during hair growth cycle. This is the way your eyelashes grow and become dense when you are facing the condition of short and insufficient lashes called hypotrichosis or Madarosis of lashes.

Dosing schedule of Careprost eye drop involves the application of a drop of Careprost at the margin of the upper lash line. This can be done by using the provided applicator or a clean and dry eyeliner brush. Use the Careprost eye drop for once during nighttime only at the upper lashline starting from the inner part to the outer one as you apply eyeliner. Do not apply to the lower lashes as it gets in touch when you close the eyes. In case, the solution gets into the eyes then do not worry as it will not harm your eyes, but make sure to blot the excess liquid else, it can lead to the growth of unwanted hair.

While using Careprost eye drop regularly, you may notice some undesirable responses of blurred vision, headache, dizziness, irritation or redness of eyes, sense of warmth, iris pigmentation, dry eyes, or increased sensitivity to light. Therefore, it is mandated that you should keep in mind the following safety precautions while using Careprost eye drop-

  • Do not forget to remove makeup and contact lenses prior to the use of Careprost eye drop.
  • If needed to reinsert the lenses, then do it after 10-15minutes of using Careprost eye drop.
  • In case, you want to use any other advised ophthalmic preparation, then wait for 10minutes after using the Careprost eye drop.
  • Prevent the contact of Careprost bottle tip to any surface else, it can lead to drug contamination.
  • Take precaution if you have any medical conditions, you are a child, geriatric, or you are a pregnant, or breastfeeding women.

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