If you are overweight, your entire life may become heavy and lazy. It has been seen in many cases that some friends called by a nickname and teased mercilessly about their weight. You may look more aged among your friends and because of more eating of foods and snacks you may feel ashamed. It stresses a lot, and then you realize to get away from it but since you are so busy; you do not have another way to release tension. You understand, as this is a whole line of excuses. You are not able to find yourself knowing what to do and having support lately. It is tremendously tough with this schedule.

Losing weight is a mind game if you want to lose weight change your mind. Nobody is going to do for you; you have to do it yourself. You can lose your weight with the help of medication called Sibutril.

 Sibutril 15mg

Sibutril 15mg is a potential medication that is commonly used to control weight. The main ingredient present in the Sibutril is Sibutramine, which is available in the solid dosage form and can be ingested orally.  Sibutril 15mg is intended to be used by those individuals who are unable to lose weight, even after using a low-calorie diet and work out. To get the desired outcome of this medication, it should be used along with a low-calorie diet and a standard exercise timetable. Sibutril (Generic Sibutramine) produces action by altering the stage of two chemicals known as serotonin and noradrenaline present in the brain. This working mechanism helps in regulating energy intake and output.

Dosage regimen for Sibutramine:

The recommended dose of Sibutril is 15mg; an individual should administer one tablet on daily basis. You have to ingest it orally with the help of sufficient amount of water. You should administer this medication at the same time daily. Sibutril can be used as per ease with or without food. Do not use more than the prescribed dose of Sibutril. The dose can be changed according to the condition of the patient. Take this medication on regular basis to get a better result.

Side effects of Sibutramine:

Intake of Sibutril can cause some unwanted effects such as constipation, abdominal pain, inability to sleep, headache, dry mouth, acne, rash, chest pain, anxiety, joint pain, back pain, excitation, depression, sweating, dizziness, and drowsiness. If these effects become severe, you should consult the doctor for treatment.

Warnings and precautions while using Sibutril 15mg:

  • If you are hypersensitive towards generic Sibutramine or any other component present in this medicine, in that condition you should not ingest this medication.
  • You should not use Sibutril if you are suffering from diabetes for 6 months or more and liver or kidney disease.
  • While using Sibutril intake of alcoholic beverages and smoking is strictly prohibited, as it may cause various undesired effects.
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not allowed to use this medicine.


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