The clearer the face the more it grabs the attention of the person towards it. A flaunting beauty adds charm to your personality. When Joel was in high school, she used to collect pictures from the magazines and newspapers and used to stick in her craft book. As she has a passion for photography, with added years of her age, her passion also got intensified to the level that none can perplex her to pursue her dream. When she entered in college life, she began to do paparazzi. One day whilst shooting, there came a situation where she was stuck. Actually, she was having the glimpse of her own in the mirror that she was using for her shooting purpose. There she realized that due to unhealthy eating habits, poor digestion, no exercise or yoga or meditation and lack of time for personal hygiene she had her a major depletion in the charm of her face. There were dark circles, acne, spots of pimples, blackheads over and around the nose bridge. Not this but also got some sunburns over the facial skin. She in an instance got anxious, depressed to see her facial condition, and immediately drop the shoot in between and left for her hostel. She for fortnight did everything to restore her facial beauty but all her efforts went in vain, as nothing has proved effective for her facial faults. On visiting a skin specialist and after getting entire tests done the doctor prescribes the girl a topical medicated preparation called as Retin-A cream.

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Retin A cream

Retin A cream is an efficient formula available in different strengths - Retin A 0.025 Cream, 0.050 and 0.1% w/w that is potent in its action. It contains Tretinoin as its chief functional moiety. The active compound falls under the therapeutic class called Retinoid or vitamin A derivative. The cream when applied to the facial skin for duration none less than 6-8 weeks completely eradicates the faults from the face. The active compound shows its effect by retarding the hardening process of the skin epithelia to prevent the keratinization and cornification of the skin cells. The other mechanism by which the cream acts is by promoting the shedding of hard-boiled skin cells. Not this but also enhance the growth of new skin cells to bless a lustrous and hydrated skin surface.

Before using the cream on the face, one needs to clean their face from any makeup and dust. Dry it properly and then go for usage of cream. For an application, the patient needs to take only a small amount of cream over their fingertips, put the dots of cream over the affected areas of the skin, and then massage the same with soft hands in upward and circular motion. The patient can account the noticeable change within a short duration of 2-3 weeks but to get the complete effect the patient should complete the course of therapy for duration 6 to 8 weeks.

Some pernicious effect that a patient may get on their face after the usage of cream are excessive dryness, rash, redness, warmth and slight itching or burning or irritating feeling on the face.

As a prudent foresight, the patient should avoid getting cream in their sensitive areas like eyes, nasal mucosa, lips or mouth. Do not apply cream over wet surface else may cause intense burning. Evade using the cream over cut and cracked region.

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