Erectile Dysfunction or male impotency defined as the disease in which a man is not able to hold an erection for duration sufficient to enjoy the act of intimacy and this result in the clash or rift between the couple. In this 21 century, life is running so fast and the people are so busy in stacking up their bank balance. That people are leaving everything behind, either talk about their personal health and emotional relationship. The imbalance in two affects the health of an individual either directly or indirectly and results in erectile brokenness. The medicine named Fildena prevents the individual from erection failure during sexual intimacy and enables the men to enjoy the good sexual lifestyle as the modern lifestyle is not so friendly to men's libido. The cases of erectile dysfunction are also common in following situations like Diabetes, breath shortness, depression, hypertension, malnutrition, obesity, insomnia and drug abuse or addiction to alcohol and cigarettes.

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Know the action of Fildena:

Fildena is a well-known brand name for Sildenafil citrate and belongs to the class of PDE 5 Isoenzyme inhibitor that works by resisting the breakdown of cGMP within the cells. When there stimulation in men occurs to fulfill his sexual desires the chemical known as NO (Nitric oxide) released from the specific region known as penile. The NO released, then combines with guanylate receptors that further results in the production of cGMP within corpus Cavernous of the penile region. The two NO and cGMP combined results in relaxation and dilation of blood vessels. Thereby, flushing higher amount of blood to the penile region and making the organ erect to stretch the drive for enough amount of time.

Know how to intake Fildena:

Fildena is a medicine to be taken orally with water by mouth, 60 minutes in lieu of fulfilling the intimate desires. The recommended dose is so potent in nature that no further repetition of Fildena suggested within the duration of 24 hours. The strengths available for the medicine Fildena is 50 and 100mg. It is always advisable to start up with a lower dose.

Know the Precautions with Fildena:

Some common associated precautionary measures to keep in mind when on Fildena therapy is as follows:

  • If you are going to take grapefruit juice with Fildena medicine, it will delay the absorption of the same.
  • Taking Fildena after rich fatty meals like cheeseburger will also tend to delay the absorption of the medicine.
  • Fildena when taken with alcohol enhance the drowsiness in an individual thus making him lazy and less responsive to the situation. Therefore not advised to go for a drive or operate machinery immediately after the therapy.
  • Patients who found themselves uncomfortable or counter some allergic reactions also advised seeking the physician's advice.
  • Individuals having cardiac trouble or on nitrates therapy must avoid the use of Fildena.
  • Repeating Fildena twice within the duration of 24 hours might result in Priapism of the organ.

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