Eyes are the windows to a person's soul. Every human emotion reflects through the eyes. Some people are blessed naturally with long and beautiful eyelashes, but not everyone is lucky enough to be born with such magnificent lashes. Many women dreaming of long, luscious lashes opt to extend what nature bestowed upon them. Women worldwide use various makeup and beautifying products such as eyeliner, mascara to amplify or lengthen their eyelashes, but the truth is that even makeup does not stand out properly on short eyelashes. Women use false eyelashes but this only increases the risk of itching and eye infections. Women, therefore, are in a constant search of naturally growing out their lashes and they want to be admired and appreciated for their gorgeous eyelashes and stand out in the crowd. This common problem of women leads to the discovery of a wonder medicine called Careprost for intensifying the beauty of their eyelashes.

Careprost Eye Drops

The Careprost eye drop is renowned medication for enhancing long, dense, dark and thick eyelashes or Hypotrichosis (Deficiency of hairs on the eyelashes). This eye drops considerably used throughout the world to enhances the length, thickness, and darkness also dense eyelashes to the eyes. Careprost is a topical preparation encloses generic Bimatoprost as a principal active ingredient. Generic Bimatoprost is a naturally occurring polyamide analog. It shows therapeutic action by augmenting the anagen phase and lowering the telogen phase of eyelashes growth cycle as this likely responsible for enhancing the eyelashes.  Meanwhile, it also causes stimulation of melanogenesis appears for dark lashes. This medication enhances the flow of the aqueous humor out of the eye and lowers the elevated intraocular pressure.

Use of Careprost:  For the growth of eyelashes, use Careprost eye drop carefully. First, wash your hand and face to remove makeup and take out contact lenses and specs. Then press Careprost container on the fine eyeliner brush apply it on the base of the upper eyelid; wipe out the extra liquid that spills over with a dry paper tissue. Careprost may take 12-16 weeks to get an effective result so use it on regular basis. You can use Careprost eye drop once in a day in the evening or before going to bed.

Careprost may probably show some undesirable effects such as itching, or redness, darkening of the eyelid, headache, eye burning, dryness, dizziness, enhanced tear secretion, and pigmentation of the iris. You are facing any severe undesirable effects consult the doctor for treatment. 

Some precautionary measures are required to follow while using Careprost such as leave out the use of Careprost if too sensitive to any ingredient or generic Bimatoprost. Abstain from touching the tip of container to thwart the contamination. It is necessary to retain a gap of 5 to 10 minutes if you have to use another eye drop discuss with the doctor in case of pregnancy and lactation.

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