We all are aware of the detrimental effects of smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol can have on your overall health. However, there is another aspect of these habits that can ruin your sex life. After years of research and findings it came forth that smoking and alcoholism is the prime cause of erectile dysfunction in men below the age of 40 years.

According to American journal of epidemiology erectile dysfunction is more likely to occur in men who smoke compared to those who never touched it in their lives. The odds of developing erectile failure are much higher if men are heavy smokers also popularly known as Chain smokers.  Smoking is directly related to the decreased circulation to all the body parts including male genitals resulting in decreased blood supply, therefore resulting in a poor erection.

In men who are heavy drinkers, it may seem that a little bit of booze can give you relief from those bedroom jitters, but it is equally harmful to your sex life in the long run. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that disrupts the link between your body and mind. This also holds true for erections where excessive alcohol consumption can lead to failure in achieving or even maintaining the erection.

cenforce 100mg

The prior most remedy for treating erectile failure caused due to alcoholism and smoking is none other than quitting. However, if it has to be treated medically then Cenforce 200mg is the best option that will increase the blood circulation towards the male genitals. This leads to longer lasting sensual sessions that are more gratifying and sensually pleasing.

Sildenafil citrate is the main functioning moiety present in this medication. Sildenafil belongs to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors that blocks the degradation of cGMP by hindering the action of this enzyme when a man is sensually stimulated his body tends to release nitric oxide that leads to the formation of cGMP. This accumulates in higher amounts in male genitalia leading to the increased flow of blood towards the male private parts, resulting in a hard and rigid erection.

The advocated dose of Cenforce is 100mg in the form of tablets. A man suffering from erectile troubles should take a single dose of this medication, about an hour before indulging in any sensual activity with your partner. You can take this medication with or without water. A gap of 24 hours between two doses is a must as the effect of a single dose of Cenforce remains for around 4-6 hours. In case if overdose occurs seek medical help immediately.

Undesirable effects seen with the use of Cenforce are nausea, headache, dizziness, pelvic pain, priapism, dyspepsia, indigestion, and dyspepsia.

Safety measures taken with the use of Cenforce are

  • Avoid its use in case you are allergic to any of the components present in this medication.
  • Stay away from the consumption of alcohol and sedatives while using this medication.
  • Refrain yourself from driving and operating heavy machinery while using Cenforce.
  • If you are dependent on nitrate medications then stay away from the use of this medication.
  • Women, children, and elderly patients should stay away from the use of this medication.
  • A man below the age of 18 years is advised to stay away from the use of this medication.


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