This is a condition in which the blood pressure of an individual becomes higher than the normal.

Nowadays, hypertension is a major issue that arises in large number of population due to the stressful life in this modern era. This is also a major reason to have various cardiovascular problems in patient. This is a condition in which the blood pressure of an individual becomes higher than the normal.

In this metropolitan city, people suffer from hypertensive problems because of competitive life. Everyone wants to run quickly to get the position first in their life. They want to get all comfort and achievements to fulfill their and their family desires. Due to which, they does not want to relax their life from very hectic and busy schedule. In this condition, they face many physiological problems. Hypertension is one of these undesired problems.

Symptoms of hypertension: There are no specific sign and symptoms that arise in the patient due to this disorder. But, in some cases, person may experience some symptoms like headache, nose bleeding and shortness of breathing. As these symptoms are not that much harmful to the patient until the blood pressure has reached to the severe stage or occurred in a repetitive manner.

Medication of hypertension with oral dosage form: Calcium channel blockers are the most prominent way to solve the problem that arise due to the high blood pressure and is efficiently bring it to a normal pressure.

Adalat is one of the most useful drugs that significantly use to get relief from the various undesired symptoms that develop due to the hypertensive problems. This is a certified dosage form that significant to conduct its pharmaceutical effect due to the presence of its active pharmaceutical ingredient that is known as Nifedipine and is a calcium channel blocker, which is fall under the category of anti hypertensive agent.

Composition of Adalat: This dosage form available in capsule formulation, which is available in 10 mg.

Indications of Adalat 10 mg: This dosage form is capable to treat various medical problems like angina, Reynaud's phenomenon and premature labor. This dosage form also used to get prevention from prinzmetal angina. This dosage form is also helpful to control the hypertensive problem arise in pregnant woman.

Dose and mode of administration: This formulation should be taken via oral cavity, i.e. mouth, along with an enough amount of water. Always start your dosage regimen with lowest dose, which should be taken in every 8 hours. After some time, the dose will be adjusted as per the recovery and condition of the patient. This is a long term therapy.
Avoid taking extra quantity of drug at the time of next dose, in case of missed dose. In this condition, the missed dose can be skipped, if you do not catch it on its time.

Side effects of Adalat 10 mg: This dosage form may cause some side effects like unconsciousness, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, nasal congestion, nose bleed, drowsiness, blurred vision and trembling.

Some safety measures, while taking Adalat 10 mg: It is beneficial to conduct urine test for examine the progress of recovery. Avoid taking this dosage form along with alcohol or grapefruit juices. This dosage form should not be used by patient under the age of 18 years.

Who should not use this medication?

• This dosage form should not be used, if a patient has allergic problem to this dosage form, unstable angina and recently had a heart attack within the last month.
• This dosage form must be avoided along with certain medications like antibiotics, anti fungal drugs, anti viral drugs, anti epileptic drugs and Fluoxetine derivatives.

Where you can buy Adalat 10 mg?

You can buy Adalat 10mg online from the reputed sites of pharmacy stores to get your product at your doorsteps in cost effective range.