The reason behind a woman chooses for an abortion is simple-“she is unwilling to become pregnant at a particular time or her medical or financial conditions are not in favor of her pregnancy conception. Likewise planning to become pregnant and the decision of termination of pregnancy are also plays an important in planning a family.

Abortion is mostly preferred by the women when she is left forbidden of her fundamental rights or her freedom to decide about herself is on the verge of exploitation. Likewise, pregnancy due to forceful incest, rape, under some threat or due to the failure of the measures of contraception or women is facing medical complications or fetus is at risk to the development of some clinical issue or when she is already having the number of children enough in the family as per their planning.

Abortion is the medical term which defines the procedure for termination of pregnancy in women. It can be done via two ways either Surgical or Medical. The former one is done by the trained & licensed physician after compiling up lots of documentation work for the grant of approval for the removal of unwanted fetal cells growing in the body. Medical abortion on other accomplishes the use of abortion pills for the removal of unwanted fetal cells out the uterine cavity through the natural process of Menstruation by degrading the uterine lining.

MTP Kit offers a woman the best option to go for abortion without filling any document or seeking a grant from anyone for making her personal choice to procreate or not at the particular phase of time. The packing of MTP has 5 pills one of Mifepristone 200mg and other 4 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg. The former pill Mifepristone should be taken by the woman as a first pill to proceed to abortion. Later 2 days she can use all 4 pills of Misoprostol either through sublingual route or can put the pills deep inside your vaginal cavity. Soon after putting the pills in the vagina you will observe abdominal cramps with heavy menstrual blood flow which may continue for long-term for the duration of 2 weeks. Therefore after 14 days you should the physician for an ultrasound to confirm that nothing has left inside the uterus.

MTP KIT For Safe Abortion

The pill of Mifepristone acts in the body of women by initiating the degradation of the uterine lining to which fetal cells attach for the attainment of nutrition and important supply of oxygen & blood crucial for the development of pregnancy. Misoprostol pill on other forces the uterine muscles to contract and relax so as to evacuate the unwanted fetal cell debris out the uterus in form of vaginal bleeding.

Few side effects that are commonly reported by the women who have taken MTP Kit are nausea, headache, diarrhea, giddiness, abdominal cramps, heavy menstruation, exhaustion & fever.

Some safety tips women can follow with MTP Kit medications are as follows:

  • Take the IUD out of your vagina prior you put the pills in your vaginal cavity
  • Meals difficult to digest & beverages like alcohol & coffee need to be avoided
  • Intimacy is completely contradicted until you’re bleeding through the vagina

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