Demadex a product of Roche laboratories that contains Torsemide 5mg, 10mg, 20mg and 100mg oral tablet formulation. The drug is nothing but a diuretic or water pill that will prevent your body to absorb the salt so one passes out the excess amount of salt by the mean of micturition.

Water is necessary and vital element present inside and outside the cell of the body; it is an important part of circulatory system in the body in form of either blood or serum. But when the blood or liquid penetrates in your interstitial tissues termed as edema (Going puffed in specific part, leading you waterlogged) leading to swelling of the specific part. Overcome this water logging efficiently with Demadex tablets. Buy Demadex online at cost effective price.

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If one experience this problem in the kidney or heart region this will block the capillaries and turn to swelling of feet and ankles.

The drug will provoke the loss of water from the body leading to deprivation of edema. The drug is indicated in the following medical conditions:


• Fluid retention (edema)
• Kidney disorder (Nephrotic syndrome)
• Hypertension
• Heart failure and liver disorder
The drug belongs to the category of diuretics which are as follows
• Thiazide
Loop diuretics and
• Potassium sparing diuretics (weak diuretic)

Torsemide belongs to Loop diuretics that act basically on the loop region, the drug action is determined in following way:

The action of drug is seen over the specific region of nephron (basic unit of kidney). The specific region is nothing but the loop of Henle. The lumen of ascending loop is altered, and inhibition of Na+/K+/2CI-- carrier system.

Demadex increase the excretion of chloride, sodium and water brings change in filtration rate, acid base balance, and renal plasma flow.
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Demadex a product of Roche laboratories that contains Torsemide 5mg, 10mg, 20mg and 100mg oral tablet formulation.

Generally, water pills are safe but one may also experience after effects of the drug so one should not take the medication as they are contraindicated if taken when taken during diabetic, gout, menstrual problem or renal disorder, lupus or pancreatitis disorder. One should not administer the drug if one has sulfonamide allergy. 

One should not take the drug along the Demadex as the concomitant intake may ruin the medical condition if taken along cyclosporine, or other hypertensive drug. One should not take heavy metal lithium or cardiac drug Digoxin or digitalis.

One may experience some following adverse reaction after administration of the Demadex tablet like suffering dizziness, esophageal hemorrhage, dyspepsia, hyperglycemia or weakness or increased thirst and impotence in extreme condition. 


Coming to the dossier or mode of administration of the tablet Demadex:

If one is recommended the Demadex tablet for edema due to congestive heart failure: one should serve 10 to 20mg tablet orally once in a day. Maximum dose in 24 hours is 200mg.
If the medicine is recommended for renal disorders: 20 mg oral dose once in a day.
Coming to hepatic disorder you may prescribe the drug 5-10mg oral once in a day with aldosterone/ potassium sparing drug. You can serve 40mg maximum at this instance.

Warning indications!!!

The drug is not recommended for the children
One should not take the drug if one is suffering from the hepatic malfunction or cirrhosis.
The drug belongs to pregnancy category B so one should take care while taking the drug although its side effects are not defined.

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