Birth Control

One of the hardest decisions that a lot of people face is whether to have intimacy session or not. If people decide to have sensual intercourse then they must also take the responsibility to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The majority of people face an unplanned pregnancy. In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, people also must protect themselves from STDs.

The most effectual way to avoid unwanted pregnancy is the use of birth control methods. Birth control works in a number of different ways.

  • Condom, Cervical caps, Diaphragms and Contraceptive sponges prevent the sperm to fuse with the egg.
  • IUDs devices are implanted in the uterus for several years to prevent pregnancy.
  • Patches, Pills, Vaginal rings and Emergency contraceptives pills prevent the women's ovaries from releasing the egg that could be fertilized. 
  • Sterilization permanently prevents a woman from becoming pregnant.

The choice of birth control depends on the various factors that include the health condition, number of sensual partners, desire to have children in future and frequency of sensual intercourse.

In the recent years, use of birth control pills has been increased. Millions of women have avoided their unwanted pregnancy with the help of birth control pills.

Birth control pill encloses 2 different hormones known as Estrogen and Progesterone and these hormones works together to shun ovulation. Birth control Pill does not allow the sperm to reach the egg for fertilization. Most of the birth control pills are available in either 21 days pack or in 27 days pack. 

A wide range of birth control pill that includes Dianette, Dronis, Loette, Familon, Yasmin, Ovral-G, Ovral-L and Mircette are available on our online portal to avoid unintended pregnancy.

Other than birth control, various abortion pills are also available such as RU-486, Abortion pill, Norethindrone, MTP KIT, Cytotec, Mifeprex, etc to successfully terminate an unplanned pregnancy.  

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