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Bimatoprost is best-renowned medication for the management of glaucoma and for the Hypotrichosis condition in which patient are suffering from a deficiency of eyelashes. Bimatoprost is the main working element of the Bimat eye drops, which comes under the group of prostaglandin. For long eyelashes, it shows its action by increasing the anagen phase, while decrease the telogen phase and shows unbelievable growth of the eyelash, and changes the eye color, while for the management of Glaucoma it shows its activity by binding to prostanoid FP receptor and escalating the outflow of aqueous fluid from the eyes.

Dosage regimen of the Bimat eye drops-

Bimat eye drops consist of 0.03 % of Bimatoprost in them. Before using this, eye drops read out all the information available on the drops leaflet. The way of usage also varies depending upon for which you are using the drops. Before applying the medication, wash out the hand and eye drops with water. After them leave them dry or clean it with a towel.

For long eyelashes Take a dab of medication on the sterile brush or apply the thin layer of medication on the upper eyelid. After that close your eyes and remove the excess of liquid with tissue paper. Take care while applying the drops, to prevent unwanted hair growth on face. Use it daily in the same manner at bedtime for 16 weeks.

For Glaucoma Patients needs to put a one drop of medication in the affected eye at the bedtime, and regularly at the same time.

Conflicting factors of Bimat eye drops-

If an individual found them allergic towards the generic Bimatoprost and to any other ingredient, then discontinue the use of Bimat eye drop. Use of Bimatoprost is not recommended under definite medical conditions such as liver diseases, kidney disorders, conjunctivitis, swelling of the eyes, breathing disorders. Use of Bimat eye drop is barred if you undergo any eye surgery in last six months.

Side effects of Bimat eye drop-

Eye inflammation, burning sensation, iris pigmentation, conjunctivitis, redness of eyelid, dryness, blur vision, loss of vision, and conjunctivitis edema, Permanent skin darkening around the eyes.

Preventive measures-

  • Remove the contact lenses you are wearing, before applying the eye drops.
  • After using Bimat eye drops, you were not able to see visible, so avoid driving a vehicle or operating any machinery after using this medicine.

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