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Generic Azor 5mg/20mg | Amlodipine and Olmesartan Medoxomil

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Azor - Amlodipine/Olmesartan

Azor is solid dose preparation, which should be taken orally. The drug contains Amlodipine besylate and Olmesartan medoxomil which belongs to calcium channel blocker and which belongs to angiotensin II receptor antagonist respectively. The drug Amlodipine helps in following way the drug will turn low down the blood pressure thus helps in reducing Cardiac malfunctions like myocardial infarction and arrhythmia, which is primary reason for primary strokes. Hypertension and lowers the blood pressure.

Mechanism action of Azor:

Olmesartan stops the negative feedback of renin. This blocking caused will reduce the vasoconstriction and produce aldosterone. Thus the drug lowers the BP by vasodialation and reducing the resistance caused from peripheral region from blood vessels. Azor brings down the blood pressure effectively.

Contraindication of Azor 5mg/20mg:

• One should not co administer aliskiren with Azor tablet.
• Patient should not take the drug if she is planning for pregnancy.
• If one is lactating mother she should not take the Azor blood pressure tablet.

Drug interaction of Azor:

Simvastatin should not be administered along Amlodipine or one should not take the drug more than 20mg of Simvastatin.

Olmesartan should not take along NSAIDs which bring bad effect on kidney and decrease the antihypertensive effect. The intake of potassium should be refrained as this will lead to hyperkalemia. Colesevelam HCl should be taken around 4 hour before Olmesartan.
The drug will also increase the level of lithium thus brings chances of lithium toxicity.

Storage condition of the Azor:

• Keep the drug in cool and shady place.
• Avoid drug from direct sunlight and open flame and also from the moisture.
• Keep the drug away from the children and pet animals.

Posology and mode of administration of Generic Azor:

Azor is available in variant doses Tablets: drug contains Amlodipine/Olmesartan medoxomil which is available in various doses like 5/20 mg; 10/20 mg; 5/40 mg; and 10/40 mg.

• One should take the tablet orally by swallowing the whole tablet at once.
• After administering the tablet one should hydrate well along water.
• Take the medicine at same time every day this will regulate the drug level in blood serum and prevent the missing of dose.

Side effects that can be experienced after taking the Azor 5mg/20mg:

One may suffer from edema and nausea, Rhabdomyolysis, acute renal failure, urticaria and facial flushing can be seen in certain patients.

Warning and precautions to take while taking the Amlodipine and Olmesartan Medoxomil:

• The drug may bring hypotension as it may decrease the level of salt and electrolyte which is recommended for normal physiology.
• Drug should be taken under medical supervision as it may increase the angina pain or myocardial infarction when taken along calcium channel blockers in starting of therapy.
• Drug should not be served to patient suffering from renal disorder.
• Hepatic malfunction patients should not take the drug.

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