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Optivar eye drops as it name characterize is an ophthalmic solution used for eyes only. Optivar consist of Azelastine as a main pharmaceutical module. Azelastine comes under the category of histamine drugs, thus it shows its action by diminishing the release of histamines, which are held responsible for causing itching or allergies. The common allergic condition of eyes is identified as allergic conjunctivitis.

Optivar eye drops are not used to cure eye itching or redness that take place because of contact lenses.

The appropriate way to use Optivar-

Optivar eye drops may need to be instilled into the eyes one, or two times in a day, or depending on your medical condition prescribed by your health practitioner. Before applying medication makes sure, your hands are cleaned properly. Now tilt down your head backward and look towards on upward direction. Now instilled one drop of medication into the affected eye, by making a pouch of your lower eyelid. After that, apply a stiff pressure on the corner of the eyes with your fingers to avert the drainage out of the eye drop. Follow the same in your second eye. Follow the same procedure in the second eye.

Conflicting factors of Optivar-

  • Do not use Optivar eye drops for the allergic reaction if you are sensitive to Azelastine.
  • You should have to avoid the use of eye drops if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.
  • Do not use Optivar if your eyes are red due to any other eye problems or infection.

Side effects of Optivar eye drop

The patient may endure some short or long term side effect of the drug which is like as bitter taste in mouth, blurred vision, burning sensation in eyes, swelling of the mouth, face and lips and pain in eyes.

Defensive measures of Optivar eye drops

  • You are advice not to touch the tip or nozzle of the container otherwise, it may lead to contamination.
  • Always remove the spectacles and contact lenses before using the eye drops.
  • You have to wait for 10 minutes after using Optivar eye drops, in order to use any other eye drops or to wear contact lenses.

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