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Ayurslim capsules are an excellent ayurvedic preparation used for the weight loss or used for the treatment of obesity. Ayurslim capsules put an awesome and positive effect on the reduction of weight and lipid profile. Ayurslim consists of certain herbal products that are helpful to provide a slim physique without any side effect. The mixture of these efficient herbs manages the desire of food and control the appetite. Ayurslim capsule is an ayurvedic preparation of Himalaya brand.

What are the active ingredients of Ayurslim capsules?

The active ingredients of Ayurslim capsules are Garcinia, Indian Bdellium, Gymnema leaves, Chebulic Myrobalan, and Fenugreek seeds.

What is the mechanism of ingredients of Ayurslim capsules?

The working of these herbs is given below-

  • Garcinia prevents the ability of the body to collect the fat by storing back it in the body. It is also useful to evade the production of fat in the body.
  • Indian Bdellium has a property of purifier and rejuvenator through which it may emphasize the immunity. Indian Bdellium may also regulate the lipid level in the body and standardize the levels of cholesterol or triglyceride.
  • Fenugreek seeds act as an appetite suppressant.
  • Gymnema leaves act by lessening the intestinal absorption of glucose and arouse the pancreas to augment insulin production. It may also lessen the cravings for sugar.
  • Chebulic Myrobalan used to eliminate the impurities and detoxify the body. It is also helpful for the treatment of bowel movements.

How should you take the dose of Ayurslim capsules?

Ayurslim comes as a bottle of 60 capsules and for an effective weight loss, the user has to follow the regimen of two capsules per day after meals of breakfast and dinner with water for the duration of about 3 to 6 months. Ayurslim is available in the form of soft gelatin capsules; you should take reduced calorie diet along with the dose of Ayurslim with some physical exercise. It will take about 3 months for satisfactory results.

What safety measures should you take while using Ayurslim?

  • Ayurslim cannot be given to the pregnant women and lactating mothers.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes, cardiac ailment, or hypertension, you should consult the physician before taking this medication.
  • In the case of jaundice and renal failure, you should not take the dose of Ayurslim. 

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